I’ve noticed a huge difference in my fitness levels and in the way I look, I totally intend to keep at it, and will encourage others who wish to keep fit/ loose weight to come along and give it a try. It’s my holiday in 2 weeks now and feel good enough to get that bikini on now. X

Charlotte, Barnetby Legs,bums&Tums & Body Blitz.

If we are honest, we all find the first time we attend a new group exercise class a bit nerve wracking. But I had no such worries when I returned to Lincolnshire and turned up to Nic’s Tuesday night class in Scamblesby. The group is warm, welcoming, friendly and fun, something which many classes strive for, but in my experience few achieve. Every week the class is different, which means you never know what to expect or get tired of the routine. Nic’s commitment, enthusiasm and drive are truly infectious. At the same time her knowledge and experience are excellent which mean you have every confidence in what she is telling you. She will encourage you and push you to always do your best, in order to support you in achieving whatever goal you have. I cannot recommend N J Fitness highly enough. Work hard, feel the burn, but always with a smile on your face!
A massive thank you Nic for inspiring and encouraging me to always want better!
Em (A Scamblesby Lady) x

Hi nic thanks for supporting me I will admit I find it hard but do try my best .i love coming to your class 🙂 x
(Mandy – Barnetby Legs Bums & Tums)

4 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Hi Nic just wanted to say how much i have enjoyed the 10 one to one sessions i have had with you (yes even the one in the pouring rain) although it has been hard you are so encouraging all the time, every week has been different but i now feel so much better, fitter and more toned. Even when i damaged my ankle you were still able to come up with such a work out that didn’t put any pressure on my ankle. You are totally inspirational, caring and knowledgeable. Thank you for all your effort I really appreciate it. (Julia – Wrawby)

  2. Just had 4 sessions of personal training with Nic which have been absolutely brilliant, really enjoyed our sesssions, every week Nic came up with something different so i never got bored, the hard work has paid off and my shape has totally altered, I feel so much better mentally and physically and yes I am doing the home programme you left me with. Thanks Nic I really appreciate your time and effort

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