6 Week Tailored Nutrition Plan


Are you confused with what and how much to eat?

There is so much conflicting information readily available on the internet, it is understandable to be confused and frustrated when you are trying hard to hit your goals and using a generic nutrition plan from the latest celebrity trainer.

Generic will work for a small percentage of the population, definitely not for everybody.

What will work for you is a tailor made plan, something that you have an input into, something where you don’t have to eat foods you don’t like just because they are in the generic plan.

A tailor made plan will work for you if:
You are able to follow a plan
You want to be told what to eat at each meal
You are happy to weigh ingredients for meals

A tailor made plan is definitely not for you if:
You don’t like to follow plans
You don’t like to be told what to eat
You want to make your own meal choices
(I have a different system available for you)

Stop wasting time with the wrong plans.

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