10 Things You Can Do To Get Healthier Now

In today’s world, we are constantly bombarded with the idea that we are not good enough.
Social media is full of advertisements that encourage us to be better and to get thinner; from the tabloids to the television to Instagram to the news, we are constantly assured that our best self is just out of reach. And yet, for most of us, optimal health is easier said than done. It is no wonder that so many people are confused of what is the right thing to do.
Luckily, that’s all about to change.
Because we are bringing you 10 things you can do this week to be healthier- without sacrificing too much time, or missing out on the things you most enjoy.
Read to the end and embrace a healthier, happier you!

1 – Eat your veggies! Remember how mum always used to pester you to eat those greens? She was on to something. A diet high in vegetables is proven to reduce your chances of contracting illness, improve your intestinal health, and can even boost your immune system.

2 – Sleep well. Not only can sleep improve your skin’s health and help you look younger, getting a proper night’s rest can help improve your memory, and can even help you to lose weight. Sleep is essential for mental and physical repair, 8 hours is an ideal amount.

3 – Work it out. Exercising encourages better sleep, and releases powerful endorphins that make you feels great. You don’t have to run a marathon to get the benefits, either. Studies have shown that getting just 10 minutes of exercise a day has fantastic effects on your health. Walk in your lunch hour rather than sitting at your desk, take the stairs instead of the elevator and stand whenever possible.

4 – Laugh. We’re not joking! Laughing relaxes the body, relieves tension, and even boosts your immune system.

5 – Get outdoors – Even if it’s cold and wet. Taking a walk or having a picnic or even stargazing can boost your happy hormones as well as give you daily dose of fresh air! Being close to nature will make you feel less stressed and more grounded.

6 – Eat protein at every meal. Protein is the building blocks of your body, we use it to build and repair tissue. It also helps you feel fuller for longer, aim for one palm size portion for a female and two for a male. Some protein sources: Eggs, Fish, Meat, Nuts, Beans, Cheese

7 – Get more fibre. Fibre regulates digestion, reduces blood pressure, and even lowers bad cholesterol. Great sources of fibre are oats, fruits, vegetables, beans, chickpeas, lentils and nuts.

8 – Get naughty. That’s right- studies have proven that having sex regularly makes you feel younger, boosts your immune system, and can even increase your lifespan!

9 – Drink more water. Getting 2 litres a day energises your muscles, controls your calorie intake, and encourages kidney health. If you are just 2% dehydrated it will reduce your body functioning optimally.

10 – Meditate. Taking the time to tune in and relax can help reduce stress as well as relieve symptoms of IBS, lower your blood pressure, and increase your fertility. It will also encourage feelings of peace and self-love.
Phase these gradually into your life and you could be seeing a change in your health and well-being ready in time for the summer.

November is Reflexology month with N J Fitness

Have a great week

Nic xx
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Reflexology – I thought you was just going to rub my feet!

I am sure you will have heard of reflexology but do you know what it is?

Reflexology is a pressure massage applied to the feet or hands in order to stimulate the reflex points and bring about a balance of the bodily systems in order for the body to work together in harmony and unison d thus creating a feeling of well-being and optimum health.

Specific areas of the hands and feet correspond with the various organs of the body. By treating each reflex in turn, normal energy ow in the whole body is restored, gradually bringing about the balance necessary for good health.

Regular reflexology can help with:

*Improved elimination of toxins
*Improved circulation in the body, improving nourishment in the tissues.
*Enhances a deep state of relaxation
*Improves energy levels
*Relieves stress, pain & anxiety
*Relieve pressure on the ankles and legs

Reflexology is a holistic pressure-point therapy that helps the body employ its innate ability to heal itself safely and naturally.

With reflexology we look at the whole person as a physical, psychological, emotional entity.

What do others have to say about reflexology with N J Fitness?
“I thought you was just going to rub my feet. I didn’t expect it to be as good as it was, very impressed – thank you” – Jan

“I love my regular reflexology sessions, my fluid retention has improved so much that it is no longer noticeable”- Lisa

“I use reflexology on a regular basis to help me sleep, it has made such a huge difference” – Rob

A session is just £30 – 40 minutes

November is reflexology month with N J Fitness, why not book in to see how amazing it can make you feel.

Have a great week

Nic xx

The summer is finally here! It’s hot….

Get the BBQ out and have a great time with family and friends.

You want to enjoy yourself but you also want to lose weight and not massively fall off the wagon.

How do you accomplish this?

  • Going to someone else’s BBQ – take meat and a side that you know you can have.
  • Drink a pint of water before you eat.
  • Fill up on lots of vegetable and salad sides and avoid the creamy sauces.
  • Enjoy the BBQ MEAT.
  • Be mindful of what you are drinking – careful with the calorie laden alcoholic drinks.
  • Allow yourself a small piece of pudding but only if you are really not full from the meat and salad etc.
  • Exercise that day before you go.
  • Engage in games at the BBQ – such as frisbee, football and tag.
  • Make a fruit infused ice cold jug of water that everyone can enjoy.
  • Drink your infusion from a wine glass, that way you have the illusion of an alcoholic drink.

Enjoy your BBQ and stay on tracking whilst having fun in the sun.

**Do you need help with your fat loss? Have you got a holiday or wedding coming up in the very near future? I cannot help unless you contact me. Drop me an email by replying to this newsletter**

Have a great week

Nic xx

Did you know that your lack of sleep could be stopping you losing fat?

Did you ever stop to think that not getting enough ZZZZZZZ’s could stop you losing that stubborn body fat?

You are eating really well, exercising as you should be and still not hitting your goals, you are stressing about this and among other things it is stopping you getting the sleep you require, therefore having a detrimental effect on weight/fat loss.

The lack of sleep massively slows down the metabolism and boosts hunger, encouraging us to eat more. Not a good combination.

NHS 2011 – People who are stressed and have a lack of sleep are half as likely to be successful at weight loss than those who are less stressed and get between 6-8 hours of sleep a night.

ARGH……Frustrating isn’t it!?

Well, what can you do? Apart from the obvious of get more sleep.

1 – Avoid caffeine after 3pm or a better idea avoid it all day.

2 – According to the sleep foundation the bedrooms needs to between 15-19.5 degrees C.

3 – Try to get the same routine every day. Go to bed and get up at the same time each day.

4 – Participate in regular exercise

5 – Avoid alcohol before bed

6 – Wind down and collect thoughts, anything important write down to empty your mind.

7 – Have a bed time ritual – bath, low music, dark room.

If you are having trouble sleeping, please make sure you visit your GP for help.

Happy Sleeping!

Nic xx

How to deal with falling off the health and fitness wagon – MOTIVATION

We’ve all been there before; we don’t want to get off the sofa unless Channing Tatum wants to throw us around the room!

You have lost your motivation to exercise, to eat properly, to cook fresh and exciting foods.

Why does this happen?

Motivation is an emotion, and just like other emotions motivation comes and goes. How you deal with this high and low motivation journey is important success.

Whether this is due to being bored with your workout, going through an injury or experiencing a goal plateau rekindling your motivation is all that is required.

What can you do about it?

*You feel like you don’t have enough energy

Firstly, look at your hydration levels. Dehydration can cause a huge slump in energy – have a large glass of water as soon as you wake up, always carry a bottle where ever you go, keep a glass on your desk at work.

*You feel too tired

Find a workout buddy, set the workout date in your diary, turn up to your planned session – after all you don’t want to let your workout buddy down. You are stuck between a rock and a hard place. You feel too tired to workout but afterwards you feel much better, more energised and alert and will feel much better in the long term.

*Bored of your workout/training plan

Spice things up a bit – hit the heavy weights, set new goals, try HIIT for a quick session, try a new DVD, invest in a personal trainer, join a challenge, create a challenge in your work place.

*You are eating crap

Plan ahead – plan a menu for the next or two. Make a shopping list and buy only the ingrediants required.

Cook from scratch, buy a new recipe book, share recipes with friends, join a new social media group.

*Lacking sleep

Take a look at your diet, change your evening routine, prepare the body for sleep, try to get to bed and sleep no later than 10.30pm.


Move more throughout the day. Don’t sit for too long, get a standing desk, get an activity tracker to keep an eye on daily movement.

Lots of ideas to try to help bring back the motivation

Let me know how you get on

Nic x

Hot Stone Massage – Why should you treat yourself?

Benefits of a Hot Stone Massage:

*Deep Muscle relaxation

*Pain Relief

*Stress Relief

*Promotes Better Sleep

*Improves Circulation

*Encourages lymph flow

*Recharge your energy levels

*Promotes mental well being


What is a Hot Stone Massage?

A Hot Stone Massage is a deep tissue massage using different sized basalt stones. The stones are heated in a “stone bag” and are used to give the most wonderful, relaxing, enjoyable massage. During my Hot Stone Massages the stones are actually used during the massage and are not just placed on the back like some therapists do.

A full body Hot Stone Massage is very popular or a certain area such as back can be concentrated on for longer.

I am fully mobile so you could have a Hot Stone Massage in the comfort of your own home – even more relaxing.

**A Hot Stone Massage is not for everyone for example diabetes, skin conditions, certain medication etc. If you are unsure – please consult your GP prior to booking

Nic x

Do you have time to make a nutritious, filling, fat burning, high protein breakfast?

The best way to start the day?

Ditch the sugary cereals and high carb toast and jam.

Try my Pastry Free Quiche:

6 eggs

2 Rashers Bacon

1 Onion

5 Mushrooms

4 Cherry Tomatoes

½ Pepper

2 Garlic Cloves

40g cheese or small pot cottage cheese

Pepper to taste

Lightly fry the bacon and vegetables, Put to one side when ready. Beat the eggs in a jug and add the cheese grated or if using cottage cheese mix the pot into the eggs. Halve the tomatoes and add to the mix. Put in an oven dish and mix everything together.

Bake on 180 for 30-35 mins or until cooked. Eat hot or cold.

Let me know what you think!

Have a great week

Nic x


Are you stressing about losing weight?

Do you constantly weigh yourself?

Constantly on a “diet”?

Are you calorie counting?

Do you think you are doing everything right but are GAINING weight?

What are you doing wrong?

Stressing about the scales is a sure fire way to sabotage your hard work! Raising your cortisol levels -the stress hormone will ruin your chances of hitting your goals. If you lose 8lbs and put on 8lbs of muscle you will weigh the same but will be firmer, smaller and tighter so the best ways to measure your progress is via body measurements and photographs.

Long term successful weight loss will not come from a “diet” but rather a lifestyle change. Diets always have an end date, how many times to you see “30 day clean diet” or your friend that has an “8 week holiday diet”. I hear and see this all the time and yes most people lose inches on these but when they go back to their previous lifestyle they end up putting on the inches what they lost and more! Think about changing your lifestyle, don’t give yourself an end date.

Eat like you already have the body you want – This way you will be looking after what you have.

Not all calories are created equally! So you know what calories you should be eating and you are hitting that perfectly but still not hitting your goals. Have a think about the quality of food that you are consuming. So you know you that your body requires 1800kcals per day to enable you lose weight. Do you think 1800kcals of sugary, processed poor quality food with support your goals as much as 1800kcals of healthy fats, proteins and healthy carbohydrates? Have a look at your diet and see if there is some room for improvement – one key rule – eat lots of green vegetables every day.

Get moving! Find what you enjoy doing and be consistent. Add in weight training to your exercise routine. Weight training is excellent for weight loss and don’t worry ladies you will not end up looking like Arnie. You don’t need a gym to weight train, you can use body weight, plyometrics and HIIT at home.

Consistency is key – don’t give up. Weight loss doesn’t happen in a straight line so you have to stay consistent!


Learning to run with N J Fitness:

Running Diary:

Run 1: 25/3/15

Distance: 3.44 miles

Time: 53min 35sec ( 17.5 min of running)

Average min/mile: 15.35

First run done, not as bad as I had expected. The start was easier than I had anticipated. I was doing intervals and the run was a nice steady pace. I began to feel it and slow down as the run went on. By the end I was struggling to keep up and my legs and lungs were saying no. But Nicola kept me going  (and I did, just about).

I’m not going to lie, when I was half way through it wasn’t the most enjoyable experience of my life, but running is something I’ve wanted to be able to do. I would love to be one of those people who can walk out of the front door and go for a run with ease. As silly as it sounds running and breathing aren’t the easiest of things to do at the same time.

About 3 hours have passed since my first run, I found the recovery time was pretty quick, telling me I could have probably pushed myself a little harder. My body certainly feels like it’s done an exercise it isn’t used to. But I do feel good for doing it (must be the endorphins I hear so much about) and I am positive that I want to go out again and run. Let see how I feel in the morning.

Run 2: 27/3/15

Distance: 3.44 miles

Time: 51 min 56 sec (24 min running)

Average min/mile: 15.02

Run 2 done, Nicola pushed me harder today and to start with I was struggling. My legs were still hurting from run one, it was more the hip joint area and right up in the crotch. Nicola assured me that this pain would lessen as I got more into running and it is unfortunately one of those things you just have to ride out. My body isn’t used to ‘pounding’ the pavement as she said. She eventually I will adjust to it. Hopefully sooner rather than later as it’s rather unpleasant.

Half way through the run I was feeling surprisingly good about myself, I was running and I was feeling ok. Nicola has upped the interval times and I was actually doing it. However this soon passed and towards the end I just felt like I was dying again. However I pushed through, I pushed myself as best I could and I never stopped until Nicola told me to. Granted sometimes I was doing more of a shuffle than a run!! But I was doing it.

Again I’ve found that I soon recover from the run, I just ache in my leg joints but the burning of the lungs and ready to collapse feeling quickly subsides and I think to myself ‘Yea, I can do this again’.

Run 3: 1/4/15

Distance: 3.44 miles

Time 49 min 3 sec (31 running)

Average min/mile: 14.14

Run 3 was hell, I don’t know what is wrong with me today. I just did not want to put one foot in front of the other. Nicola kept the intervals at 3 minutes of running and I did do them, I just really struggled. But I have improved on 2, this is down to Nicola keeping me going and keeping me motivated that I can do. That I can push through the pain in my legs, the burning in my lungs and the not being able to breathe.

But again I’ve recovered quickly, despite looking like a tomato face when I’d finished it didn’t take me long for the pain to go and feel human again.

Nicola told me there will be times when your body just feels this way and you just need to push through it and not let it get me down. After all it is only run 3 and I am someone who has never run before.

Run 4: 2/4/15 (Sprint bursts)

Distance: 2.94 miles (11 sprints)

Averages min/mile: 15.07

Run 4  Nicola decided to mix it up a little bit ,I did struggle with yesterdays run and 2 in a row at week 2 is very daunting. Yet I still wanted to do it so we went for sprint bursts.

We went to the park, doing a gentle jog there and then did sprints; although the sprints soon developed into jog bursts and I’m sure by sprint burst 11 I was actually just doing a shuffle burst. But I was still doing it which was the main thing. Nicola is very good at keeping me going and pushing me just that little more out of my comfort zone which is the only way I’m going to achieve my goal.

It was a different kind of hard, the burning in the lungs, the heavy breathing and that general feeling of wanting to stop comes a lot sooner. But I persevered  and was very thankful when it was over and we could have a walk home to cool down.

It was nice to try something different, I feel mixing it up will be good for me and my body so that I can soon adapt to be able to run a comfortable 5k, but also know that I can get into sprint burst intervals which are good for fat burning; and what girl wouldn’t like that?

Run 5: 8/4/15

Distance: 3.44 miles

Time: 48 min 38 sec (38 min running)

Average min/mile: 14.07

Today’s run was hell, my legs would not go. I was a bad client, poor Nicola had to listen to me moan all the way around that it was too hard. She was being positive and encouraging me to keep going, which I did. I just wasn’t very willing at all. We had to stop half way and stretch out. I felt fine in myself running, it was just my legs felt like lead. They were heavy and tight and did not want to go.

It’s the next day and my legs hurt to touch at the side of my calves. I’ve been rubbing them like Nicola told me to, my legs have always been my problem area and clearly being a new runner all the nasties (Toxins) have built up in there and made them tender. I have some lovely bruises now but the tenderness has gone down. My legs just feel heavy and feel like they are pulsating whenever I’m still.

Run 6: 10/4/15 (Recovery Run)

Distance: 3.44

Time: 51min 52 sec

Average min/mile: 15.07

Today Nicola took it easy on me after Wednesdays run. I felt like I wanted to push myself again and run but Nicola said there is nothing wrong with having a recovery run. At the end of the day I am a total new runner and we are only on run 6. So there was no running timing, we just went around the route at a more relaxed pace. I say relaxed it still felt pretty hard to me. Apparently I walk quicker than I jog (Which I find amusing) I can walk really quick and feel fine, but as soon as I start to run it’s just hard work. But I’m sure with time this will build up. Just like the first time you start to walk a lot you start off slow and before you know it you are walking quicker.

Run 7: 15/4/15

Distance: 3.44

Time: 49.27 (37 min running)

Average min/mile: 14.29

Slightly slower than my best run so far and I actually felt I had gone a lot slower than I did. Poor Nicola was on top form trying to keep me going and I was just lacking in enthusiasm. She even had to give me a push at one point, which just made me laugh.

But I got through it, I’m finding I recover a lot quicker after a run and felt good after that I had done it. I’m determined that I will become a runner 🙂

Run 8: 22/4/15

Distance: 3.44

Time: 48.53 (43.53 running)

Average min/mile: 14.14

5 min warm up and then I ran the whole thing today. I can’t believe I actually did it. When Nicola said we aren’t walking at all I instantly thought ‘this won’t happen’. But I did it, I kept going. There were moments when I was struggling and thought I couldn’t do it; but then I’d get back into it.

It may not have been that fast and at times I may have been shuffling along, but I am super proud that in only 8 runs I have done this. When I started I couldn’t run to the end of the road without wanting to stop. Having Nicola by my side really motivates me and keeps me going; and proves that I can do something I never thought I would.

Run 9: 24/4/15 (Sprint bursts and a steady park run)

Distance: 3.93 miles

Time: 1 hour 3 min

Average min/mile: 16.15

Sprints: 7

Felt good and motivated doing today’s sprints. I even managed to actually do more of a sprint and get my speed up. Although this soon got slower as the sprint bursts went on.

After the sprint bursts we did a steady walk/jog around the whole park, I must have had some energy left as I was able to do that without totally dying.

Run 10: 29/4/15

Distance: 3.44 miles

Time: 46 min all running

Average min/mile: 15.02

Ran the whole distance again today, I was slower than the first time I did and I knew I would be. Before I started I knew it was going to be tough today. I think mind over matter is really the hardest part of running for me. I know I can do it but often I just want to stop. I may have been slower but I managed to keep going with Nicola’s great motivation. I imagine at times she really wants to kick me up the arse and literally push me to go faster. You have to have some patience to be a PT.

But I did it, I am recovering a lot quicker than when I started out and I actually feel like I could do it again; so that’s progress 🙂

Run11: 1/5/15 (Sprint bursts)

Distance: 3.63  miles

Time: 56.32

Average min/mile: 15.35

Sprints: 7

I was really disappointed with myself today, I was aiming for 10 sprint bursts and I barely made 5 before my legs wanted to give in. I can’t explain why but I just could not go today, I felt like I was trying my hardest to run and getting nowhere. Nicola helped me push out 7 sprints as I wanted to at least equal what I did last time.

Nicola said there will be days like this, when it feels like hell and you can’t do it. But you know you can do it. The best approach is to know that you did do something and not to dwell on it as you know that you can do it. And I know I can do it as I have done it before. It was just one of those things!!

Run 12: 6/5/15

Distance: 3.44 miles

Time: 40 Min 45 seconds

Average min/mile: 13.16

Smashed my best time so far 🙂 Nicola was sneaky with me today, she made me do mini bursts on the way around and near the end told me if I just speed up slightly I might beat my time. She knew I was easily going to beat it, she was just using her PT ways to push me harder. But it worked and I’m really proud of what I achieved today 🙂

Run 13: 13/5/15

Distance: 3.44 miles

time 46.48

Average min/mile: 14.48

Today was just a steady jog around the circuit, slower than my previous run and I could have pushed myself a bit harder but it did feel good to slow it down a bit. I recovered really quickly today so I knew I’d not hammered the run, but it did feel nice to just try and take it a bit slower and actually enjoy running. Something that I struggle with a lot. Nicola was happy letting me just go along at my own pace and I am feeling confident that after our next session (the last one) I will be able to go it alone and run. Something that I have been worried I won’t be able to do without Nicola by my side keeping me going and motivating me.

Run 14 (Last run) 15/5/15

Distance: 2.6 miles

time: 38 min

Average min/mile: 14.43

Last run with Nicola, I’m quite sad that it’s come to an end but determined to keep it up now I have the running knowledge thanks to a tough 8 weeks of running. When I started I didn’t ever think I’d be able to achieve what I have. It just shows  that with the right person next to you with the right knowledge you can push yourself to achieve new goals.

Bone broth – What is it? Why should we make it? Why should we drink it?

Bone broth (stock) is a very nourishing and healthy addition to any diet.

The most basic way of creating bone broth is to use the bones of healthy

Animals. I mainly use organic free range chicken.

Bone broth is full of essential minerals and the taste of making your own

Is far better than bought versions.

Bone Broth Benefits?

*Easy to digest

*Full of easily digestible nutrients – calcium, magnesium, silicon, sulphur, phosphorous etc

*Used to heal a leaky gut

*Improve joint health

*Boost the immune system

*Reduce cellulite

*Full of collagen and gelatine

*Improves digestion

*Controls cravings

How to prepare:

1 – Place the bones of your choice into a pan of water. The water should be about 5cm above the bones with space left at the top of the pan.

2 – Bring to the boil and simmer for 4-5 hours.

3 – Strain the liquid from the bones. Use straight away or cool for storage either fridge for a few days storage or freezer for longer.

This stock can now be used for the base of a soup or curry or stew etc.

The above recipe can be enhanced by adding in vegetables and herbs with the bones.

Happy bone brothing

Nic x

Are you nourishing your body??

Today we are half way through the year already,

if you are like me you will think this year is flying by.

Did you set new year’s resolutions?

Have you achieved your goals?

Are you still working on your goals?

What is stopping you achieving your goals?

Do you nourish your body to pave the way to achieving your goals?

You’ve heard the saying “you are what you eat”…….. right??

So why do I very often hear “I workout/train so I can eat what I want”

This will only work for a small minority of people.

If you want to achieve your goals of weight loss, muscle building, improve 10k time

You need watch what you put in your mouth.



Carbonated Drinks

Refined sugar

Artificial sweeteners & colours

Processed foods

Eat more:


Fruit & Veggies

Organic lean proteins

Omega 3 fatty acids

Drink water

Think about what you put in your mouth.

Plan what you are going to eat for the week.

Give it a try and see how you feel.

Have a great week

Health and Happiness

Nic x

Are you consistent?

Consistency – noun – consistent behaviour or treatment

“The consistency of measurement techniques”

It is quite an obvious statement to say that consistency is essential to changing one’s life – health, fitness, lifestyle and weight.

You know what you want to achieve and you are trying hard but are not quite hitting your goals. Why is that? Are you consistent?

Do you plan, track, record and measure?

Have you tried writing your goals down? They are there in your mind but have you seen them on paper and stuck to the fridge for you to see every day?

Do you plan your training in advance? Do you plan what you are going to have for your meals and prepare them in advance? Doing both of these very simple things makes hitting your goal easier and takes you one step closer to getting there!

Do you have a workout/training note pad where you can record the hard work you do.

Do you have a food diary? You can record everything that goes into your mouth; it is a good guide if things are not going as they should be. It helps to keep the motivation high.

Don’t self sabotage – Kick detrimental thoughts to the curb!

Have a plan B – Plan A doesn’t always work first time, have a plan B which will help you stay on track.

Don’t chase perfection – chase a goal eg, “I want to complete 10 pull ups”

So how can we stay consistent?

Find a training plan/exercise class/activity you enjoy – plan it in your diary.

Eat healthily – don’t flit from one fad diet to the next (clue – they don’t work!) – plan it in your diary.

Don’t search for that “magic pill” – you actually have to do the hard work – plan it in your diary.

You have to make a life time commitment – don’t go for the 30 day challenge as this provides an end date, make it part of your life.

Don’t give up after a couple of weeks – it takes just 21 days to form a new habit.

It takes four weeks for you to notice your body changing, 8 weeks for your friends and 12 weeks for the rest of the world. Don’t quit STAY CONSISTENT! 

Have a great week

Nic x

Top 15 Fat Loss Tips

Recently I have had lots of messages and emails from women asking for the secret to fat loss. These are women who have literally “tried everything” and need help in finding a solution for them. What we have to remember is there is no QUICK FIX and there is no ONE THING THAT WORKS FOR EVERYONE.

1 – Try lots of activities/exercise/classes/gym until you find something that you enjoy.

2 – Wellness and lifestyle is not a quick fix. Stop looking for a “lose 10lbs in a week” and put in the hard work and commitment.

3 – Clean up your nutrition, be more mindful of what you put in your mouth.

4 – Consistency consistency consistency!!!  Commit to what you are doing!

5 – Find a training/workout buddy – accountability keeps us on track.

6 – Keep a food and training diary.

7 – LADIES……Add weight training into your programmes – you will not look like Arnie.

8 – Drink more water.

9 – Cut out processed foods.

10 – Improve your sleep patterns

11 – Increase your protein intake

12 – Ditch the scales and use measurements

13 – Limit your sugar and starchy carbohydrate intake.

14 – Practice relaxation techniques to avoid and eliminate stress.

15 – Think and act like you already have the body you want.

Add this to your plans and let me know how you get on.


Hot Stone Massage

Still only £35 until May 31st 2015


Have a great week


Nic x

Are you being the best person you can be?

Do you wake you happy?

Do you feel content?

Do you feel good about yourself?

Do you make good choices?

Do you know that inner fuzzy feeling when you make a good choice, when you drink enough water for the day, when you refuse that bar of chocolate, when you help your friend, when you hit that target at work?

That inner contentment?

Why would you not want to feel like that? What can you do to feel much better when you wake up?


10 Top Tips:

1 – Nourish your body with fantastic foods.

2 – Drink fluids that only cleanse and nourish the body.

3 – Eliminate all CRAP from the diet ie, processed foods, sugars, alcohol etc

4 – Think good thoughts about yourself and others.

5 – Only say supporting, uplifting, positive, inspiring things to yourself and others.

6 – Eliminate stress to promote calmness.

7 – Judge less – you haven’t walked in their shoes.

8 – Help and support others.

9 – Don’t do a good deed to receive a good deed.

10 – Treat others how you would like to be treated.

You know this already?

So why do we not do this already?

Why do we not show support to one another?

Why are we finding it so hard to look after our own bodies?

Why do we eat and drink non nutritious foods and accept feeling like shit?

You want to feel better right?…..that is why you are reading this!

Apply the 10 points to your life and stop being what society has moulded you to be!

Let’s all stop judging other people but instead let’s support and uplift one another.

Find that happy feeling

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N J Fitness – Testing the LOW CARB DIET

This article is an experiment by N J Fitness and contains personal experiences and opinions and is no way a suggestion towards individuals reading this. Always consult your GP before commencing a new diet/nutritional routine.

Low Carb week 3:

This week I felt fantastic! I have had so much energy from jumping out of bed in the morning until bed time at night. Saying that though as soon as my head hit the pillow I was fast asleep. I have had some good quality sleep and I have noticed that I have been sleeping for less hours but feeling even more refreshed than ever before. My skin has been so clear, this may be due to the water increase but I think that the added fats in my diet have also played a role. This week was slightly different in that I calculated my required macro’s and tried to stick to these as best as possible. Some days I was really hungry and went over my macro’s and other days I felt like I was force feeding myself to hit the targets. After a couple of days of force feeding I decided that I would only eat when I was hungry and if I didn’t hit the macro’s it would be ok. I felt a little more relaxed after that decision.

I am now really starting to miss fruit and I would really like a big plateful of roasted root vegetables. I have decided that on day 21 I will have a carb re feed evening. I started looking forward to this from mid week. I had a list of the foods that I wanted to have on my re feed and I kept adding to it.

There is not a lot more I can say about this week other than it has been fantastic and I have loved having so much energy.

So Sunday night was re feed night – I ate a few chips, couple of apples, GF xmas cake. I felt like I could sleep for a week after eating this. Was really thirsty and bloated within 45 mins of eating. My list had well and truly gone out of the window and I felt a bit disappointed that I wasn’t going to eat everything I had planned for. Oh well, there is always next time. I am going to maintain the low carb for another week and decide where I go from there. I am interested in experiencing the CKD and TKD but also interested in experimenting more with a regular carb re feed to see how my body reacts to that.

Lots of experimenting and trailing to be done!

Results day = 1.5 lbs down

Total = 10.5lbs & 14 inches in 21 days

Let’s see what week 4, post re feed day will bring


Week 2:

Day 8 – Today I woke up feeling horrendous, I can tell that I am lacking in something. I chug more and more water and still feel like I want to curl up and sleep for a very long time. Didn’t have much of an appetite. Chest is getting worse and coughing constantly. I give in and go to the Doctors. He prescribes me antibiotics and steroids. Let’s hope tomorrow is better.

Day 9 – Feel like I could sleep a lot today. Very hungry when I woke up and didn’t really know what to eat. Didn’t eat half as much as I was meant to so felt wiped out. Added lots of broccoli to my evening meal and felt better within 10 minutes, why didn’t I do this first thing in the day. Oh well, lesson learnt. I definitely need to start experimenting with more foods as I can see things getting boring pretty quickly. Tomorrows pledge – to buy an avocado and learn what to do with it!

Day 10 – Still feeling rubbish so today I have added in extra electrolytes. I have upped my intake of low carb vegetables – spinach, broccoli, kale and courgette. I feel like the amount of vegetables is never ending and it is taking me a while to trudge through it all. I managed it but finished my meal 20 minutes after everyone else.  Still haven’t decided what to do with the avocado – think it will have to be something simple – I am not the best chef.

Day 11 – Today I have finally woken up feeling fantastic! I have loads of energy and feel really bright. I am so happy to be feeling better. I am much more positive so meals are planned and prepped all ready for today and up until Sunday. Cravings have completely gone although I did smell some of Dave’s chocolate and that seemed to help. Today has been a brilliant day. I have found that I really really love sauerkraut.

Day 12 – still feeling fab, I don’t feel hungry at all so today was an intermittent fast day as I was still full from last night. I happily didn’t eat until 2pm and then it was a mix of egg, cheese, sauerkraut and courgette cooked in butter. I cannot believe the difference in how I am feeling since day 11 (yesterday) I am so pleased that I didn’t throw the towel in. I haven’t had a mid afternoon slump.

Day 13 – I didn’t give myself enough time to eat a full meal this morning before work, so I had a protein shake and some chicken. That was enough at the time but by 12 noon I was really hungry and could have eaten anything I saw. After dinner I was at rugby so didn’t get chance to eat anything until 8pm and by this time I was fairly hungry. Again it took a lot of will power not to eat everything in sight.

Day 14 – Today I have had to have a coffee (mainly because bodily movements haven’t done a great deal for 4 days and coffee “gets me moving”) mission accomplished, felt better today – phew.  Today I ate out with friends, I had already had a look at the menu online to see what I was going to have. Mixed grill and swap the chips for salad. Great choice went down really well. Although everyone else’s chips looked so good. I had a small tea. I really need to get more fat in my diet, I need to venture away from the chicken and have a look at other meats.

I am really starting to enjoy how I feel on the Low carb/keto diet. 10 days is long enough to feel rough and these last 4 days have been brilliant.

Results Day = 1lb down

Total = 9lbs in 14 days.


Let’s see what week 3 will bring.


First 7 days – Diary

Day 1 – Today I woke up wanting coffee, this was my previous routine to have a coffee upon waking and clearly my body liked this (so did I!). I had a green and lemon tea instead and it just didn’t cut it, feeling slightly disappointed. I was hungry when I got up so i was happy that I had previously planned to have bacon and eggs – they went down really well J I trained (weights) at 11.30 and felt good, I was hungry afterwards as usual. I felt like I ate a lot at dinner time. A headache and stuffy nose hit me at 2pm, I felt like I could have had a sleep even though I had eaten at 12.30. This could still be the remains of last week’s cold. Shattered and found it hard to concentrate by 6pm, fell asleep at 9pm.

Day 2  – Woke up thinking of coffee (AGAIN!) Again had another green and lemon tea. Very tired today – brain fog, hard to concentrate feels like the “keto-flu”, note to self – drink more water. Seemed to get through the day without needing to think too much and ended up having a really late tea and could have literally eaten anything in sight. Felt really light headed after training, beginning to pray for a quick switch to ketone burning for energy. Tired at night but not like last night, wishing for a good sleep.

Day 3 – Woke up feeling ill today. Head cold, no energy and aches and pains all over the body. Really felt like I needed carbs and a coffee but resisted and had a green and lemon tea (tasted quite nice today). Ate egg, spinach and bacon for breakfast. Filled me up nicely, but felt rough all day. Was busy until 2.30pm so was really hungry by then and ate lots of lamb that I had put in the slow cooker in the morning. Was so tired by night that I went to bed at 9.30pm, I am really hoping for a better day tomorrow.

Day 4 – Again woke up today feeling horrendous! Head cold has really set in today. Lungs are really painful. No appetite today and a bonus that my coffee craving has now disappeared. Really surprised that the cravings have been as little as they have. Forced down a protein shake and ran with a client. I felt a little hungrier when I returned but couldn’t eat until 1pm. Happy with egg, ham, peanuts and onion – very random. Had to force the last bit down so felt quite sick afterwards. Cold water seems to be helping with the sick feeling. Hoping to flush the cold out so had to hit the paracetamols today. Homemade beef burgers for tea, it really isn’t taking very much food until I feel full. Have not really felt that hungry apart from after training and work. Bring on the energy surge!

Day 5 – Headcold is still lingering. Felt thirsty when I woke up, must try and drink extra water throughout the day. No cravings for coffee so far today – glad they have gone! Made a birthday cake and flapjack and it smelt and looked so good. Felt good that I didn’t cave and have some. Wasn’t really looking forward to the bland chicken and broccoli tea – trudged through it. Wasn’t hungry so felt like I was forcing myself to eat it. Headache appeared mid-day so needed to up the water even more. Spending every 10 minutes in the bathroom isn’t exactly practical but it is required. Realised I needed to experiment with herbs whilst cooking as the thought of eating my planned meals isn’t very appetising.

Day 6 – Full day away at rugby today. Pre planned and prepared my meals yesterday. Glad I did with the flapjack being offered on the bus. Really starting to miss fruit now. Very hungry after working at rugby – not enough water drunk today, feeling quite tired. Stopped at the services and because I didn’t want fast food, my food of choice was cheese. Felt a bit sick after eating that lol! Arrived home at 9.20pm ate some chicken and my bed was calling.

Day 7 – Today was birthday cake delivery day! Really felt like I could eat the whole thing. The mardy cardy is on today. All I can think about is the chocolate cake. Drank more water and ate some coconut oil to try and stop the cake being in my head. Today has been the hardest day since starting. Felt a little better after adding 100g of broccoli to my tea. I am curious to know what tomorrow brings with the scales although we all know that scales are for fish! But as day 8 is a scale review only day,that is all I am going to gauge the week on. I am pushing more for photo and measurements day.

Results day = 8lbs down! 

Now looking forward to see what days 8-14 bring.

Watch this space

Nic x

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